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The highest quality MMA coaching from experienced champions in a welcoming, friendly environment with a focus on getting you the results you want. You’ll learn from top level coaches, who are or were competitors and champions. There’s a depth of understanding that only comes with experience, and our coaches can guide you to that level from their own experiences.

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Personal instruction from champions:

Brendon Katz - XFC LW Champ & EFC Veteran

Igeu Kabesa - EFC FW Champ & 14 time National Wrestling Champ

Texeir Kabesa - 9 Time National Wrestling Champ

Richard Fraser - Qualified Sports Scientist & MMA competitor

Learn Real, Professional Fighting Skills

We use a concepts focused drill based methodology to maximise understanding and ability to apply. Most gyms coach with a technique focused approach. In other words, most gyms teach you how to throw a jab and cross, but spend almost no time trying to give you an in-depth understanding of the critical factors, like timing and distancing. That doesn’t mean we ignore technique. Rather, we demonstrate techniques as expressions of concepts, which you can learn to apply in your own way.

By using a concepts focused approach, we instil the laws of fighting into your mind and your body, which means you no longer have to draw it out of memory and execute like a parrot. Rather, by understanding why techniques work, you’re free to adapt to the moment, to be creative, and to make the techniques your own.

Beginners are welcome. Your safety is our number one priority.

You’re probably not in a line of work where you can go to work with black eyes or a broken nose, and we make sure that doesn’t happen. There are no bullies or big egos here. Everyone knows you need to be out of your comfort zone to learn anything new, but nobody talks about going too far, when you hit the panic zone. That’s when things become too intense or too painful, and you stop learning. It’s our priority to keep challenging you correctly for your level.

From "Brendon has created a team with high knowledge, skills, and great integrity. All those that were training seemed to get individualized attention , while Katz watched over with a keen eye." For the full review go to their website, click here.

Functional Fitness & Strength

Fitness and strength training is incorporated in every session. Each session begins with a dynamic warmup to prevent injuries, regardless of age. Each session finishes with a bodyweight conditioning session to strengthen your body, improving muscle tone and definition. A large part of the focus is on “prehab” exercises. We spend a lot of time working on exercises designed to improve core strength, flexibility and balance. We will have you looking and feeling good. Because our drilling is designed to instill sensitivities (like a sense of timing and a sense of range), almost all of the class is spent doing competitive or semi-competitive drills. You'll have fun, learn and work up a hell of a sweat.

Personal Attention

Classes run in small groups to ensure you get personal attention from your instructor, while still working with different personalities and body types. By working with people on a similar level to you, you’ll be challenged and still able to gauge progress. It’s also a nice social vibe.

Because we run in small groups, even if you can’t make a scheduled session (life happens), you can make it up another time with no cost to either you or us. It’s a win for everyone.

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We get results. The longer you stay with us, the better the results. Success loves commitment.


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R1970 per month


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12 Months
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Most of our clients either sign up for 3 months and then upgrade to the 12 month package, or sign up for the 12 month package right after their free trial.